mermaid-daiss asked: "This is totally not a question; BUT!! August 3rd I shall see AM here in Chicago and I am definitely sending loads of pictures your way!! 💕💕"

OMGGGG, IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! I BET YOU ARE COUNTING THE DAYS. i’m waiting your pics ok? me and my followers gonna love it, i’m sure! 

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Anonymous asked: "Hey, do you know what video is from that picture of alex turner and matt helders is, he was in a white shirt and it was really, really sunny, the best i can describe it thanks,"

sorry idk bb

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Anonymous asked: "do u have the original to /post/58554907028 !! thank u :)"


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Anonymous asked: "i can't get enough of Alex blowing kisses on your icon gif! where is it from? xoxo"

HERE. xxxxx

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Anonymous asked: "from wich video is the gif in you sidebar? :3"

HERE. xxxxx

turnrightinto-myarms asked: "from which video is your sidebar gif? :3"

HERE. xxxxx